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Dubai is the second largest of the seven Emirates and is a unique blend of East and West: a fascinating potpourri of oriental charm and Western elegance.

Dubai is also a true shopping mecca. You can visit the many shopping centers, including the world’s largest, The Dubai Mall. You can take the nostalgic and more authentic version in the form of the many ‘souks,’ which is true bazaar-style offer everything from spices and hookahs to probosci’s shoes and haute couture from Dior.

Also, take a walk in the narrow streets of one of Dubai’s oldest districts, Bastakiya, founded by Iranian traders about 100 years ago. Today, the community is undergoing gentle restoration and houses beautiful old houses, boutique hotels, art galleries, and small caf├ęs. Also, remember to pay attention to the traditional wind towers, which provided fresh air in the hot months before air conditioning became common property. Bastakiya is not very large but gives a good impression of what Dubai looked like back when the inhabitants subsisted on pearl fishing and retail.

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There are several ways to take Dubai. Whether you are into engine noise or camelback, the golden dunes of the desert offer plenty of experiences. You can, e.g., visit a Bedouin town and see how the Bedouins continue to live. If you are converted to the azure sea and white sandy beaches, a day at Jumeirah – Dubai’s version of Malibu Beach in California – will surely be an enjoyable experience.

Magical Muscat

Embark on a journey back in time in the magnificent forts, Al Jalali and Al Mirani, the bustling souk, the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, and the Beit Al Zubair Museum. In northern Oman, you can get close to breeding sea turtles, sleep in sand dunes, meet Bedouins and explore historic desert forts. Muscat itself also offers several exciting sights. Here are I .a. Museum, souk, harbor promenade and the city’s landmark, the large, new mosque. It was built between 1995 and 2001 and is lavishly equipped with silk rugs, crystal chandeliers, and Italian marble.

At the museum in Muscat, you can experience interesting in bright, open galleries see beautiful objects from Oman’s past and present. The central part of the museum is housed in a distinguished private home built-in 1914. The original Omani architecture can still be seen in the building, although it was modernized when the museum was decorated. The museum’s garden is also worth a visit. Muscat’s Corniche is close to the harbor and souk. Take an evening walk on the Corniche and enjoy the sight of the yachts in the dock – exceptionally beautiful is, of course, the sultan’s ship, which is lit up in the bay. The Sultan’s Palace is also located in Muscat, flanked by two ancient Portuguese fortresses, and can be seen from the outside.

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The sun shines warm and pleasant in Muscat most of the year – especially in the months when it is cold and gray at home. Meeting dolphins is almost guaranteed if you are vacationing in Oman. Sometimes the dolphins swim very close to the shore and can be seen from the beaches. And on a boat trip beyond the turquoise waves. There is the opportunity to get really close to the beautiful and graceful animals.

The lesser-known

Khasab is the local capital of the Musandam Peninsula, located in the Strait of Hormuz at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. The area is called ‘Arabia Norway’ because of its rugged, glacial coastline, its high mountains, and the bright, glistening fjords.

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The emirates ‘big brother

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates and is also the emirates’ ‘capital.’ This is where most liters of oil is produced. Still, Abu Dhabi has long stood a bit in the shadow of Dubai, which as a flamboyant little brother, has masturbated the tallest, most beautiful, and most extravagantly hung on almost any building, hotel or business. However, Abu Dhabi can easily keep up, and the whole thing is a little more stylish here, and there are lots of exciting sights.

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Near Abu Dhabi city center, you will find Al Maqtaa Fortress. It was built over 200 years ago and is one of the most important historical monuments in all of Abu Dhabi.

In the Emirates Heritage Village, you can try traditional handicrafts from the region among various Bedouin tents. Here is something to discover for the whole family. The Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque is one of the most famous landmarks in the emirate, and the famous Guggenheim and Louvre museums have branches in Abu Dhabi.

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