Investing in the Stockmarket For Beginners


Many folk will have toyed with the idea of dabbling on the stock market, some will have taken the plunge and made a profit. Unfortunately many, many more will have made substantial losses. Having been burnt in the past by just watching my profits rapidly disappear, coupled with a few disastrous decisions, I decided to pick myself up by the boot strings, study and find my way back into the market. This time with greater expertise, more caution and most important of all, SUCCESS.

There are several stark facts that need to be taken into account before entering the stock market.

1. You should not invest any money in the market unless it is money you can afford to lose.

2. ‘Investing’ is the polite word for a venture, which is essentially gambling.

3. Do your homework beforehand. borsa online Never trust a recommendation from a friend, or any other source, until you have thoroughly researched the information. In addition you will need to learn:

1. How to choose a stockbroker.

2. Where to find the best free information.

3. How to choose, set up and operate a good software system.

4. How to choose a share.

5. How to set and operate a stop/loss system.

6. How to cut and run.

7. When to take your PROFIT.

Some of the best free sources of information are the media, newspapers etc. As you are investing your money, some of this will need to be spent on a good software system. There are free Internet sites such asĀ which allow you to set up a portfolio and watch the market, and is a good place for the beginner to learn.

As with every good business venture, there is no real, safe shortcut. You will need to be prepared to study, and in fact, keep studying all the time you are involved in the market. This is a venture that will need your almost constant attention if you are to succeed. Don’t rush in and buy a stake in the market because you are convinced in your own mind that you are right. First of all, you will need to sit on the sidelines, watching, making some fictional trades. See how they fare. Learn by your mistakes etc. Get as much free information as you can. Softly, softly catchee monkey!

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