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At any given point, 50% of the contacts are winning in the markets and 90% of the traders are losing money. 90% of the traders stand at the wrong side of the markets. There are the traders without any professional advice. You are in a much better situation. We have dedicated over five years to the forex markets. The indicators we use to interpret the market movements are not available elsewhere. Not even 10% of the total market participants use these indicators or anything similar. Anything like moving averages, stochastic, RSI, Alligator, awesome oscillator and other indicators that come with charting packages will not work most of the times. You need an edge to succeed in the markets and these indicators are too common to give you an edge. Anything available to 100% of market players will not work because as we said 50% of the contracts and 90% of the traders at any given time are losing money in the markets. You need an edge. You need an indicator or market analysis that is available to only handful of traders.

Top money managers and traders use risk control to make consistent returns in the markets. No system is complete without the money management component. Trading A trader who makes over 25% returns in the markets is in the top 5% of the profession. We will now discuss the possibilities of making money with the two percent method. Suppose you have five trades in a week. This gives you 260 trades in a year. Targeting 1% a week with the 5-6 trades a week, will give a return of around 50% a year. Top traders reach this goal. There are not many places in the whole world where you can get a return of around 50% a year on your investment. Every week is not going to be successful and every trade is not going to be successful either. The top traders work with systems that work 40-50% of the times. To make money in the markets, you need discipline and excellent risk control. Trading is a very competitive business and only top 10% in the profession make consistent money in the markets. With proper advice and education with skills development, it takes three to four years to get to this level. This is a known fact. A top trader once said that in the end the time and efforts are worth it.

Adnan Kaleemi is a Registered Commodity Trading Advisor and has been advising Forex traders all over the world in more than 60 countries for the last five years. He is currently registered with the commodity and futures trading commission in the US. He reaches global forex traders through where he provides daily forex signals and forecasts in the major currency pairs EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY and USDCHF along with money management strategies.

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