Breaking the Curses in Your Life


Curses are thoughts clothed or express in words against your life and destiny. What do you do when you feel you are under a curse? Some people tried and tried, they fail every time they tried; some are really hardworking but are under spiritual bondage as a result of a curse working against their lives and family. You can break loose from every curse. The Bible says, “If the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed”; you see, it does not matter from where the curse comes from; the Son of God can set you free.

How to break the curse upon your life: 

Through the WORD of GOD (which is also the thoughts of God) and this is higher than any man’s. See Isaiah 55: 8,9. When you speak the word of God into your life, curses gives way to blessings. You must speak the word of God directly to every area of your life that you feel the curse is working. Reply every curse with a blessing from the word of God, when evil thoughts come, you reply it with a positive, good, success and God provoking thoughts. If this is the line you want to take; then you are in for success; and you will experience success unlimited that no man can hinder. There is a warning however, you must decide that from now on, you will never think evil of any one again in your life time. Make it a life decision that you will never from now sit down to discuss evil about anybody, knowing that we always reap whatever we sow.

Our thoughts – a world of possibilities.

Do you know that the thought realm operates exactly as the world of computer Internet? Most of us know what Internet is and how it works. Internet is the international network of computers, meaning that computers are linked together with each other throughout the world; they are tapping information from each other and sharing information. It is the same with human minds. curse breaker If you look at someone even a stranger with thoughts of love, have you noticed how he will respond with acts of kindness? Do you know that if you passionately hate someone and you always speak evil of that person, his response to you will be negative? Just like we can e-mail our friends and loved ones through the Internet, chat with them, make Internet phone calls, browse for any information from any part of the world, download valuable informations and softwares, read/hear the latest news and reports,, get the latest discovery in any field and so on: we can also through our thinking and prayers care for our friends, bless them and know their conditions wherever they may be in this world. With your thoughts, you can communicate love or hatred to people and sooner or later, they will know whether you love them or not.

You cannot hide your hatred for people for too long, even when your mouth is not saying ‘I hate you’, so long as your mind is saying it, and he will soon know that you hate him. Your helpers can pick up your thoughts for the need of help and come around to offer the necessary help at a time you never expected. With your mind, (through thinking) you can browse for any information about any area of interest and if you are sensitive enough, you can get whatever you want through reading, research and your active thinking (even as you search). This is the reason the Bible says, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”

Use your mind to learn how to make life say yes to your plan of success instead of no. Even if life gave you a no, learn how to patiently change the no of life to a yes. I have said it so many times in my real life messages that the no of life is not the final, sometimes you get seven No’s before a yes can be yours. So keep on believing, keep on working, your own no may be more than ten, (yours may be only one), just keep on, your yes will come, no matter how many No’s you ever got. Somebody said, “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve” and I add, no matter the amount of No’s he got initially.

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